W&M Bucktail Brushes

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Bucktail Brushes are at the core of many Weights & Measures flies. Modeled after more traditional synthetic brushes, our Bucktail Brushes are spun using 10lb braided core and measure roughly 8 inches long. By using a brush rather than reverse tying bucktail onto your hook or shank, you can save time while also building a fly that has movement and pushes water. If spun tightly, you'll also end up with a lighter fly without compromising shape or action. We offer a selection of colors that are sure to attract big predators, but if you're after something specific, just message us, or drop a note in the comments.

These brushes can be utilized in many ways, but a good place to start is the humble Single Buford fly pattern. By spinning on one W&M Bucktail Brush, you can achieve a wide fly profile, and create the classic round Buford head simply by spinning the brush all the way to the eye of your hook or shank.

We'll be outlining more details on this pattern in the next post. For now, head to our Materials section to check out our Bucktail Brush Four Packs, and full Buford tying kits, which include nearly everything you need to tie four Single Buford flies.

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